Safety Tips to Prepare for Your Road Trip

If you want to have the safest possible road trip, you have to be willing to take the time today to plan for any troubles. Work through this checklist one at a time to ensure the safest road trip possible.

Pack a box in the trunk with tools like a screwdriver, scissors, hammer, wire cutters, and pliers.

Keep a new flashlight and plenty of batteries in the glove box in case you break down at night.

Be sure that the spare tire is fully inflated and you have the necessary materials in case a tire goes down.

Bring a roll of duct tape, it can be used to patch holes in a hose or repair damage to the car.

Bring a few road flares to warn drivers your car is disabled.

After you have stopped by the service center at Acadiana Mazda in Lafayette, LA, our team will give your car a full pre-road-trip inspection.

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