Driver's Choice Event Demonstrates the Value of Mazda Models

Mazda models have no trouble competing against luxury cars, and the Driver's Choice event is proof of it! Several premium drivers were put to a test in which they were expected to drive three unidentified vehicles. After experiencing a firsthand ride in each, they were then asked to choose their favorite option. The result? Five out of the six participants picked Mazda over top-tier brands.

This outcome is owed to the automaker's commitment to quality craftsmanship. Every model not only boasts a sophisticated design but exceptional engineering as well. From advanced technologies like Rear Cross Traffic Alert that bolsters driver confidence to Nappa leather seats that provide passengers with absolute comfort, no detail has been overlooked. Combined, these qualities are what make driving a Mazda a delightful experience.

Now you can try one out too if you live near Lafayette, Louisiana. Just visit Acadiana Mazda, and you can take a test drive in an available model. Surely, the satisfaction of riding in one will win you over!

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